Why Independant Bookstores: 3 Reasons Why

Independent Bookstores are rare these days. So rare I managed to make a list of most all of them on this blog. Why is that? It’s a long story, but it has a lot to do with eBooks and online shopping.

With those two amazing tools though, why should we bother with independent bookstores? I have 3 reasons I love and support independent bookstores.

  1. They preserve the love of books – Books take us to magical places and do magical things for us, but most don’t notice it. Libraries used to be a good place to feel that magic, but even those are slowly being taken over by other functions. (Though those functions are good and awesome – and libraries are still AWESOME – I visit my local library all the time.) It’s really in these small, unique, and book riddled stores that we find real magic we all felt when we first time we sank our teeth into a good book and lost our hearts to them. Most new readers find their start with local independent bookstores, now more than ever.
  2. They actually love their readers – This is what I feel is mostly lacking in libraries . Once there was a special bond with a reader and their librarian. A reader actually knew, made friends with, and got good recommendations from their librarians. I’ve been a part of several libraries, and maybe I’m just going to all the wrong ones, but few still have those amazing librarians left. However, each and every single independent bookstore I’ve gone to has a connection and friendship with their readers. That brings the magic out of the books all the more.
  3. They REALLY love their authors – Nothing feels better than finding a new amazing author you read often and religiously, but it’s hard to find that author you can connect with. In independent bookstores, they love their authors and will set up books, and even events, to support – not only local authors – but ones they love most. I’ve rarely seen a stand of books that had only the one author on it at Barnes and Nobel. (Unless it’s like… “Game of Thrones” and even then, it’s a series, not an author stand.) The real passionate readers are hiding in independent bookstores, ready to help you find the next amazing author.

Take it or leave it, but I firmly believe we need to stand by these amazing institutions that are our local independent bookstores. Don’t know if you have one near by? Click on this link and find one near you and see what you’ve been missing. Find your bookstore!