Amaranth Dawn – Book Feature

Today’s feature is on a book I just started reading and am enjoying. It’s a good fantasy and a good independent read.



Mariah’s life is turned upside down the moment Miguel, a mysterious English sailor, sets foot in her hometown. On top of it all, her once peaceful life as the daughter of a wealthy Spanish merchant is shattered as her family’s mysterious past force her to make decisions she’s not yet prepared for, and ancient, immortal enemies lie in wait. A native prophecy may be the key to reclaiming the life she once knew, but her inexperience could result in dire consequences.
With her family’s lives on the line, can she muster the courage to fight or will her inexperience lead her toward destruction?


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Heroin Addiction: The Addiction Guide for the Amateur – Book Feature

Independent books have been changing the world for decades now. But it’s books like this that show you it makes a real difference in the world. “Heroin Addictions: The Addiction Guide for the Amateur. Author Christopher J. Spinney has published this simple guide to help those unfamiliar with the issues learn about it. For family members, friends, or other loved ones of those struggling with the addiction to find a simple guide to understand the issues clearly. It is going on sale at the beginning of October.

61dzzfplxkl“Heroin addiction is EVERYWHERE today. Not many people can honestly say that they have not been effected in some way by today’s HEROIN EPIDEMIC. The ins and outs of a Heroin addiction are a complicated mess. As a former addict, now an addict in active recovery, I share a certain personal insight into the realm of a Heroin addiction. I expose truths and realizations to the average layman of the how, why, and what to do with a Heroin addiction. I explain in depth what an addict faces, physically, emotionally and mentally while during active addiction. I also lay out the consequences both short and long term, as well as side effects which can be life long for both the addict and addicts loved ones.”



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The Magic of Cold Months

Nothing inspires us to read like a cup of our favorite hot drinks, hours of free time, and pouring rain outside. It takes us to a whole new world of fun and joy in our reading.

As these perfect reading months come up, let’s enjoy each second we can get.


I’d like to challenge us to each read our favorite independent books over this fun season coming up and then share them with each other. In the comment sections below, share what you read, why your choose to read it, and why it was the perfect books for this season. I look forward to seeing what we all share.

Templar, New Beginnings – Book Spotlight

Chris Hale’s Newest book was recently released for signing!


The Templars have been placed under arrest by President Thomas’s administration. Fifteen thousand knights have been arrested in Washington and the Canadian inquisition have arrived to manage their torture and interrogation. Grand Master Monroe may have no choice but to admit their crimes and tell of their secrets. Brother William arrives in London and it is demanded they fight in the war with the French. This is something he refuses. When Juliana Valverde arrives to seek vengeance for the death of her sister she creates a state of terror in the city. They are left with no option but to prepare themselves for battle. For the free Templars in America they find themselves embroiled in the brewing revolution. Master Clay must manage their enemies and allies to their advantage. He’ll make their adversaries pay for their crimes. All Templars must prepare for their new beginning.

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The Independence of Libraries

Libraries are places of magic. Every time I walk into a library, I feel my spirit lift. They are a place of possibility. A place to find independence in our reading and learning. Why? Well, to me there are three simple reasons.

  1. Endless Possibilities of Stories
  2. Endless Opportunities
  3. Endless learning

The first one is easy. If you love books and stories, you get my meaning.  Libraries have shelf upon shelf upon shelves of books. Each one has its own story, its own voice, its own message. These take us to far off places, new vistas of understanding, and opens us to points of view and understanding we could find no other way. These stories open doors for our minds we’d never find on our own. This provides a magic few other places can reach. Sure, bookstores come close. (Most of all independent ones as we’ve discussed before) But libraries open up worlds for us we could never reach unless we’re as rich as Bill Gates. This allows us to take them home for a time, learn, and start again.

Libraries offer endless, free opportunities. It’s not just the books (But that’s a huge part of it). It’s in the resources they allow. You may have wondered why we bother with offering free books to people. I mean, most of us pay taxes to run them. Why should we do that? The main reason is opens doors for those who have nothing to help them. Libraries become a center for people without jobs to look for jobs, learn, gain some training, and more depending on the funding the library in question gets to run it. I’ve seen a homeless man use the libraries free resources to get back onto his feet again. It’s amazing what these places can do to open doors for people. Poor immigrants can learn English at libraries for free to help them become an integral part of the community.

Lastly, they are endless sources of learning. Not only can immigrants learn English in libraries, everyday community members can use them to learn other languages, most in America teach Spanish, but there are other languages in some. Some libraries offer online help for language learning from Spanish to Arabic to Latin. The library is also full of free classes, books on any topic you’d want to learn about, and best of all librarians! These people have been trained in colleges for a long time to work at these places. They know how to find information in pretty much any library and any data base. They worked hard to learn how to find information to help you learn. The information you can find is really endless.

Libraries help provide endless possibilities. They are places of magic, wonder, and learning. So though why this page is all about independent books, stores, and publishing, libraries play an important part in that work. Never forget them and their powerful use.

Indepdent Publishing Empowers Women During The Subversive Women Who Self-Publish Novels Amid Jihadist War

Diagram of the Heart

Farida Ado, 27, is a romance novelist living in conflicted and rapidly Islamicizing Northern Nigeria. She’s one of a small but significant contingent of women in Northern Nigeria writing books called Littattafan soyayya, Hausa for love literature.

Self-Publishing is powerful. These brave women prove that. In a society where women are see by most as unequal, these women are using self-publishing to change the world they live in. These women self-publish novels that are often censored and attacked by their government amid a violent jihadist war.

These women started out writing books long hand and paying to have them transcribed. Now – with the help of self-publishing – they publish books that not only bring in a decent amount of money for their families, but are calling for social change, often against the Jihadist government. Now a day, these women make between $800-$1200 per book.

But it isn’t all about the money to these women. These books portray how their society should be. Many of these women who write this books write from their own painful experiences living in a broken community. One woman had the social horror of being married and divorced twice before she was even 15 years old. One of her books is a beautiful-tragic tale told from the point of view of a polygamist man struggling as he goes from one unhappy wife to the next. It not only reviles the pain of these lives, but expresses the beauty of what their society could be in seeing all the wrong in it.

These women are amazing and inspiriting. Self-Publishing has opened doors for them that never would have been fully possible without it. Despite government trying to silence them, these women have prevailed and have inspired and given hope to many in their war torn nation.

Independence is key.  Independent books are often shunted because they aren’t “good enough” for a big publisher. But that is a big part of their power. No one would publish these in their nation, but they are making a world of difference. For these women and their readers. Never underestimate independent books. These books change the world. 

Diagram of the Heart

Books are tied up and packaged at the local market in Kano, Northern Nigeria. While Northern Nigeria is best known for Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist group whose name means Western Education is sinful, there’s a small but significant contingent of hijab wearing ladies writing subversive romance novels.

Tryst at the Brighton Inn Spotlight

The Tryst at the Brighton Inn was a interesting read for me. I do like regency books and novels, but I’m not a huge fan of the down and dirty romance. This book had a bit of that, but it wasn’t so much I couldn’t still enjoy it. It’s unique, and to me a bit slow, but it may be that I just never got to sit and read through the whole thing. It’s a unique mix of genres and I think a book worth a try if you like any of these types of books.

51YSMXwqttLIt’s a decade after Napoleon’s defeat, but the war still haunts even the victors. Linked by family and by grief, divided by social class, Russian émigré Natasha and ship’s doctor Matthew have lived for years in mutual distrust. But when she’s suspected of killing a man from her past, she reaches out to Sir Matthew for help. It takes both his medical training and her intuition to solve the mystery of the murder at the Brighton Inn—and the secret of her own troubled past.






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Alicia Rasley – Alicia Rasley lives in Regency England… well, only in her imagination. She is the RITA-award winning author of seven Regency romances, along with a best-selling family saga and a contemporary mystery novel. She lives in the Midwest until she can invent a time-travel machine!

The Chronicles of Dragon (Book Spotlight)

This is a book that gives hope to self-published writers. This series has been quite successful, is a great read and is lots of fun. I did get a free copy of a lot of the first series, but I’ve loved reading them. Though I’m not quite done, I recommend the journey.

51lsHqePZYL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Welcome to the world of NALZAMBOR …

Nath is a special warrior. He is a man destined to be a dragon. In order to become a dragon, he must save the dragons.

For countless years Nath has been on a quest to become a dragon, but his meddling with the other races tends to get in the way. The way of men is not the way of Nath Dragon his father has warned him. Yet, Nath, unable to control his fascination of the world men, elves, dwarves and even the despised orcs, tends to get caught up in their affairs. To earn his scales, there is a high road he must follow.

With his close friend and ally, Brenwar the Dwarf, Nath, armed with a magic sword he calls Fang, he travels to the Mountain of Doom, the Free City of Narnum and to Orcen Hold where nothing but trouble awaits.

Will Nath Dragon, hero of the realm and protector of dragonkind choose the right path or wind up on a dark one?



“Clone 71: The Brotherhood” Spotlight

Another book by our young author friend Matthew Reade. This time he’s into sci-fi.

product_thumbnail (1)

Clone 71 is anything but a normal guy. He is a clone, and his home is a huge facility specially built to create more people like him. After he discovers a plot by the evil Schwartz brothers to take over the world, Clone 71 and his two friends, Clone 13 and RG Clone, take refuge in a fortified city. But when Clone 13 goes missing, Clone 71 must leave his safety behind to find his friend. In doing so, he discovers more about his past and why he is a clone.



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“Son of a Commander” Spotlight

This books is a bit old, but a great success story. IT was written by a ten-year-old boy, and got a great reviews.

product_thumbnailWhen John and his brother, sons of a great commander, journey to France for schooling, their lives are twisted down paths never dreamt of before. After King Napoleon of France appoints John as his advisor, John becomes embroiled in a conflict greater than he could imagine. When suddenly targeted by the most powerful man in Europe, John and his friends must journey to end one of the largest conflicts in Europe’s history. Embark on this timeless journey to discover what loyalty truly means in a time of war.



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