List of Independent Publishers

Independent Publishers


1913 Press

2Leaf Press


42 Miles Press

53rd State Press


Able Muse Press

Above/Ground Press

Academy Chicago Publishers

Accents Publishing


Adamo Press

Advocado Press

Aequitas Books

Aforementioned Productions

Ahsahta Press

Airlie Press

AK Press

Akashic Books

Alehouse Press

Alice James Books

Alondra Press

Alternate Press Books

Ampersand Books

Anhinga Press

Annick Press

Anomalous Press

Anthem Press


Antilever Press

Anvil Press

Apex Press

Apogee Press

Apostrophe Books

Aquarius Press

Aqueduct Press

Aqueous Book

Archipelago Books

Argos Books

Arktoi Book

Arsenal Pulp Press

The Art Cannot be Damaged

Arte Publico Press

Artifice Books

Artistically Declined Press

Ashland Creek Press

Ashland Poetry Press

The Asian American Writers’ Workshop

Astrophil Press

Atelier26 Books

Atticus Books

Augury Books

Aunt Lute Books


Autumn House Press

Avocet Press Inc.

Axios Press

a…p Press

Arbutus Press


Backbone Press

The Backwaters Press

Bamboo Ridge Press

Banff Centre Press

Barefoot Books

Barrelhouse Books

Barricade Books

Barrow Street

Barrytown/Station Hill Press

Bartleby Snopes Press

Baskerville Publishers

BatCat Press

Bauhan Publishing

Bayeux Arts Baylor University Press

Beacon Press

Bear Star Press

Beating Windward Press

Beaufort Books

Bella Books

Belladonna Books

Bellevue Literary Press

Benu Press

Bess Press


Big Wonderful

Bilingual Review Press

Bird Dog Publishing

Birds of Lace

Birds, LLC

Bitter Oleander Press

BkMk Press

Black Balloon Publishing

Black Classic Press

Black Heron Press

Black Hill Press

Black Inc.

Black Lawrence Press

Black Moss Press

Black Ocean Press

Black Radish Books

Black Rock Press

Black Rose Books

Black Sparrow

Black Square Editions

Black Widow Press

Blacksmith Books

BlazeVOX bookBloof

Blue Cubicle Press

Blue Lyra Press

Blueroad Press

BOA Editions Limited


Bold Strokes Books

Bolden Books

Bombshelter Press

Bona Fide Books

Bonfire Press

Boreal Books

Bottle of Smoke Press

Bottom Dog Press

Bowery Books

Braddock Avenue Books

Brave Men Press

Breakaway Books

Brick Mantel Books

Brick Road Poetry Press

Brickhouse Books

Briery Creek Press

Bright Hill Press

Broadside Lotus Press

Broadstone Books

Brooklyn Arts Press

Browser Books Publishing

Bucknell University Press

Bull City Press

Burning Books

Burning Deck

Burrow Press

Buschek Books

Frederic C. Beil, Publisher

George Braziller, Inc.


C & R Press

Cairn Press

Calamari Press

Calypso Editions

Calyx Books

Camden House


Candlewick Press 

Carnegie Mellon University Press

Carolina Wren Press

Casperian Books


CavanKerry Press

Cave Canem

Červená Barva Press

Chain Links

Chax Press

Chelsea Editions

Chelsea Green

Chicago Review Press

Chicory Blue Press, Inc.

Children’s Book Press

Chintamani Books

 Choose the Sword Press

Chronicle Books

Cinco Puntos Press

 City Lights Publishers

City Works Press

Civil Coping Mechanisms

Clarity Press

Clear Light Publishers

Cleis Press

Clemson University Press

Cleveland State University Poetry Center

Cloudbank Books

Clover Valley Press

Coach House Books

Coconut Books

Codhill Press

Coffee House Press

Coffeetown Press

Columbia University Press

Conari Press

Concrete Wolf Publications

Connotation Press

Conundrum Press

Cool Grove Press

Cooper Dillon Books

Copper Canyon Press

Cork University Press

Cormorant Books

Cornell University Press

Cornerstone Press

Counterpath Press


CounterPunch Books

Crickhollow Books


Cune Press

Cuneiform Press

Curbside Splendor

Cy Gist Press

Cypher Books


Dalkey Archive Press

Damaged Goods Press

Dancing Girl Press

 Darf Publishers

Dawn Publications

 Dedalus Books

 Deep Vellum Publishing

 Deerbrook Editions

 delete press

 Dharma Publishing


 Diode Editions

 Dock Street Press

Doppelhouse Press

 Dorothy, a publishing project

Dos Gatos Press

Dos Madres Press

 Drawn & Quarterly

 Dream Horse Press

 Dryad Press

 Dufour Editions

 Duke University Press

Duquesne University Press

 Duration Press

 Dzanc Books


Eberhardt Press

 ECW Press

 Edge Books

 Educe Press

El Leon Literary Arts

 Elephant Rock Books

 Elixir Press

 ELJ Publications

 Ellipsis Press

 ELT Press

 Empty Bowl Press

 Encircle Publications

 Engine Books

 Eno Publishers

 Entasis Press

 Etched Press

 Etruscan Press

 Europa Editions

Exact Change

Exclaim Books

 Exile Editions

 Eyewear Publishing


Factory Hollow Press

 Factory School

 Fairleigh Dickinson University Press

 Fairy Tale Review Press

 Fantagraphics Books

 Farrar, Straus & Giroux

 Featherproof Books

 The Feminist Press at CUNY

 Fence Books

 Feral House

 Fernwood Publishing

Fiction Collective Two

Fifth Planet Press

 Fig Tree Books

 Finishing Line Press

 Firewheel Editions

 Five Oaks Press

 Flashlight Press

 Fleur-de-Lis Press

 Flood Editions

 Floricanto Press

 FootHills Publishing

 Fordham University Press

 Forest Avenue Press

 Four Way Books

 Fourteen Hills

 Free Verse Editions

 Freedom Press

 Freedom Voices

Fugue State Press

Future Tense Publishing

 Futurepoem Books


David R. Godine, Publisher

 Gallaudet University Press

 Garrett County Press

 Gazing Grain Press

 GenPop Books

Georgetown Review Press

Georgetown University Press

 Gibbs Smith

Gival Press

 Gold Line Press

 Gold Wake Press

 Gorsky Press

Granary Books

 Graywolf Press

 Great Weather for MEDIA

 Green Bottle Press

Green Integer Books

 Green Lantern Press

 Green Writers Press

 Greenpoint Press

 Gryphon House

 Guernica Editions

 Gunpowder Press


Half Letter Press

 Hamilton Stone Editions

Hanging Loose Press

Harbor Mountain Press

 Hard Press Editions 

 Harvard Square Editions

 Harvard University Press

 Hawthorne Books

 Haymarket Books

 The Head & The Hand Press

 Heliotrope Books

 Heyday Books

 High5 Press

 Himalayan Institute Press

 Hiraeth Press

hit & run press

 Hobart & William Smith Colleges Press

Hobblebush Books

 Holladay House Publishers

 Holland Park Press

 Holy Cow! Press

 Hopewell Publications

 Horse Less Press

Howling Bird Press

 Hub City Press

 Hudson Whitman/Excelsior College Press

 Human Rights First

 Humanist Press

 Hyacinth Girl Press



Ibbetson Street Press

 Ibis Press/Nicolas Hays

Ice Cube Press

Ichimannendo Publishing

 IF SF publishing

 Ig Publishing

 ILR Press

Imaginary Friend Press

In Fact Books

Indiana University Press

Infra-Thin Press

 Inner Traditions

 Insert Blanc Press

 Insomniac Press

 Interlink Publishing

 International Publishers

 Invisible Publishing

 Irene Weinberger Books

The Iris Publishing Group

 Island Press


Jacar Press

 Jai-Alai Books

JEF Books

 Johns Hopkins University Press

 Junction Press

 Just Us Books


Kamini Press

 Kattywompus Press

 Kaya Press

 Kelsey St. Press

 Kenning Editions

 Kent State University Press

 Kore Press

Kumarian Press

 KY Story


L+S Press

 La Alameda Press

 La Presse

 Lantern Books

 Last Gasp

 Latin American Literary Review Press

 Laughing Fire Press

 Lavender Ink

 Leapfrog Press

 Leaping Dog Press/Asylum Books

 Lee & Low Books

 Lehigh University Press

 Les Figues Press

 Lethe Press

Letter Machine Editions

The Lit Pub

Litmus Press

Litwin Books

 Livingston Press

 Longleaf Press

 Lookout Books

 Lorimer Press

 Lost Horse Press

 Louisiana State University Press

Loyola Press

Luminis Books

Lynne Rienner Publishers


MadHat Press

 Magic Helicopter Press

 Main Street Rag Books


Mandel Vilar Press

 Manic D Press

Many Mountains Moving Press

Marick Press

 Marion Street Press

 Marquette University Press

 Marsh Hawk Press

 Maverick Duck Press

Mayapple Press

 McGill-Queen’s University Press

 McPherson & Company

 McSweeney’s Books

 Melville House Publishing

 Mercer University Press

 Mercury House

 Meritage Press

 MG Press

 Miami University Press

 Michigan State University Press

 Microcosm Publishing

 Mid-List Press

 A Midsummer Night’s Press

 Milkweed Editions

 Millivres Prowler Group

 Mindmade Books

 Minnesota Historical Society Press

 Misty Publications

 The MIT Press

 Momotombo Press

 Monkey Puzzle Press

 Montemayor Press

 Monthly Review Press

Moon City Press

 MoonPath Press

 Moria Books

 Mouthfeel Press

 Moving Parts Press

 Muse-Pie Press

 Mutable Sound

 Mutual Publishing


Narrow House

 Nation Books

 National Poetry Foundation

 Natural History Press

 Negative Capability Press

 New American Press

 New Directions Publishing

 New Issues Poetry & Prose

 New Michigan Press

 The New Press

 New Rivers Press

 New Society Publishers

 New Star Books

 New Victoria

 New Village Press

 New World Publishing

 New York University Press

 NewSage Press

 NewSouth Books

 Night Shade Books

 Nightboat Books

 Nilgiri Press

No Record Press

 Noemi Press

 North Atlantic Books

 North-South Books

 Northeastern University Press

Northern Illinois University Press

 NorthShore Press

 Northwestern University Press


NYQ Books


Oberlin College Press

Octopus Books

Off the Grid Press

Ohio State University Press

 Ohio University / Swallow Press


Oolichan Books

Ooligan Press

 Open Books Press

 Open Letter

 OR Books

 Orange Monkey Publishing

 Orbis Books

 Orchises Press

 Oregon State University Press

 Orison Books

 Other Press

 Otis Books/Siesmicity Editions


 OV Books

 Overcup Press

 Owl Canyon Press

 Oxford University Press USA



 Paper Kite Press

 Parallax Press

 Parallel Press

 Paris Press

 Parlor Press

Passager Books

Pathfinder Press

 Paul Dry Books

 Pavement Saw Press

Paycock Press

Pebblebrook Press

 Peepal Tree Press


Penn State University Press

 Penny-Ante Editons

 The Permanent Press

 Persea Books

Perugia Press

Piñata Books

 Plain View Press

 Pleasure Boat Studio/Caravel Books

Pleiades Press

 Plough Books

Pluto Press

 PM Press

 The Poet’s Press/Grim Reaper Books/Yogh & Thorn Books

Poetic Matrix Press

Poetry Mutual Press

Poltroon Press

Pond Road Press

 Poor Claudia

Port Yonder Press

 The Post Apollo Press

 PowerHouse Books

 Press 53

 Press Americana/Hollywood Books/The Poetry Press Pressed Wafer

Prickly Paradigm Press

 Princeton University Press

 Propaganda Press

 Publishing Genius Press

 Punk Planet Books

 Purdue University Press


Quale Press

 Queen’s Ferry Press

 Quercus Review Press


Ragged Sky Press

 Rain Mountain Press

 Raven Tree Press

 Ravenna Press

 Raw Dog Screaming Press

Red Bird Chapbooks

 Red Bridge Press

 Red Dragonfly Press

 Red Hen Press

 Red Letter Press

 Red Wheel/Weiser

 Redbat Books

 Redbone Press

 Rescue Press

 Restless Books

 Resurrection House

 Roof Books

 RopeWalk Press

 Rose Metal Press

 Roseway Publishing

 Roundabout Press

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

 Rubicon Press

 Running Press

 Rutgers University Press


Sage Hill Press

 Salmon Poetry

 Salt Publishing

 San Diego State University Press

 San Francisco Bay Press

 Sand Paper Books

 Santa Fe Writers Project Books

 Sarabande Books

 Sasquatch Books

 Saturnalia Books

 Scarlet Tanager Books

 Mighty Media Press

 Scrambler Books

 Seagull Books

 Seal Press

 Second Story Press

 See Sharp Press


 Sententia Books

 Sentient Publications

 seraphemera books

Serving House Books

 Settlement House

 Seven Stories Press

 Shabda Press

 Shade Mountain Press

 Shambhala Publications

Sheep Meadow Press

 Shoestring Press

 Short Flight/Long Drive Books

 Sibling Rivalry Press

 Sidebrow Books

 Sierra Club Books

 Siglio Press

Silenced Press

 Silverfish Review Press

 Sixteen Rivers Press

Slapering Hol Press

 Slash Pine Press

 Slope Editions

 Small Beer Press

 Small Fires Press

 Smart Art Press

 Smithsonian Institution Press

 Snake Nation Press

 Snapshot Press

 Snow Lion Publications

 Soberscove Press

 Soft Skull Press

 Soho Press

Solid Objects

Solo Press

 Southeast Missouri State University Press

Southern Illinois University Press

Southern Methodist University Press

 Spinsters Ink

 Split Lip Press

 Split Oak Press

 Spooky Girlfriend Press

 Spout Press

 Spuyten Duyvil

 Stanford University Press

 State University of New York Press

 Steel Toe Books

 Steerforth Press

 Stillhouse Press

 Stone Bridge Press

 A Strange Object

 StringTown Press

 Subito Press

 Subpress Collective

 Sumach Press

 Summertime Publications


 Sunstone Press

 Swan Isle Press

 Swan Scythe Press

 Switchback Books

 Switchgrass Books

 Syracuse University Press


Tachyon Publications

 Tailwinds Press

 Talon Books

 Tam Tam Books

 Tarpaulin Sky Press

 Tavern Books

 Teachers & Writers

 Teachers College Press

 Tebot Bach

Telos Press

 Temple University Press

 Texas A&M University Press Consortium

 Texas Review Press

 Texas Tech University Press

 Texas Western Press

 Theatre Communications Group

Think Piece Publishing

Three Rooms Press

 Tiger Bark Press

Tilbury House

 Timeless, Infinite Light

 Tin House Books


 Tinfish Press

 Toad Press

 Toadlily Press

 The Toby Press

 Torrey House Press

 Tramp Press

 Transgress Press

 Trembling Pillow Press

 Triangle Square

 Trinity University Press

 Trio House Press

 TriQuarterly Books

Truman State University Press

Tu Books

 Tupelo Press

 Turning Point

 Turtle Point Press

Two Dollar Radio

 Two of Cups Press

 Tyrant Books


Ugly Duckling Presse

 Unbridled Books

 United Artists Books

 University of Akron Press

 University of Alabama Press

 University of Alaska Press

University of Alberta Press

University of Arizona Press

 University of Arkansas Press

 University of British Columbia Press

 University of Calgary Press

 University of California Press

 University of Chicago Press

 University of Delaware Press

 University of Georgia Press

 University of Hawai’i Press

 University of Illinois Press

 University of Iowa Press

 University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press

 University of Maine Press

 University of Massachusetts Press

 University of Michigan Press

 University of Minnesota Press

 University of Nebraska Press/Bison Books

 University of Nevada Press

 University of New Mexico Press

University of New Orleans

 University of North Carolina Press

 University of North Texas Press

 University of Notre Dame Press

 University of Oklahoma Press

 University of Ottawa Press

 University of Pennsylvania Press

 University of Pittsburgh Press

 University of Queensland Press

 University of Rochester Press

 University of South Carolina Press

 University of Tampa Press

 University of Tennessee Press

 University of Texas Press

 University of Texas-Pan America Press

 University of Utah Press

 University of Virginia Press

 University of Washington Press

 University of Wisconsin Press

 University Press of Colorado

 University Press of Florida

 University Press of Kansas

 University Press of Kentucky

 University Press of Mississippi

 University Press of New England

 Upper Rubber Boot Books

 UpSet Press

 Urban Farmhouse Press

 Utah State University Press


Vagabondage Press

 Vanderbilt University Press

 The Vegetarian Resource Group

 Vehicule Press

 Verse Chorus Press

Verso Books

 Vine Leaves Press

 Vintage Entity Press


 Virtual Artists Collective Poetry

Volcano Press


Wake Forest University Press

 Wakefield Press

 Washington State University Press

 Washington Writers’ Publishing House

 Wave Books

Wayne State University Press

 The Waywiser Press

 Weavers Press

Wells College Press

Wesleyan University Press

 West Virginia University Press/Vandalia Press

 Western State College Press

 What Books Press

 Whereabouts Press

 White Pine Press

 Wild Age Press

 Wild Ocean Press

 Wilfrid Laurier University Press

Willow Books

 Willow Springs Editions

 Wind Publications

 Wind Ridge Books of Vermont


 Winter Goose Publishing

 Wisdom Publications

Word Riot Press

The Word Works


 Wordrunner Electronic Chapbooks

 WordTech Communications

 World Parade Books

 Write Bloody Publishing


Xavier Review Press


Yale University Press

 YesYes Books



 Zed Books

 Zephyr Press

 Zest Books

 Zone 3 Press