Your Vote Matters

Thank you all for coming to our site and supporting these amazing independent authors and booksellers.

We have noticed a down swing in views and interest in the sight lately, and that is likely our fault for changing our format a bit.

So we’d like to ask you all what kind of content you would like: e-mail us, comment on this post, get a hold of us and let us know what you’d like. Do you want more bookseller reports (These take a long time and would mean less frequent posts, but still can be done more. So far we’ve only done 5.) Or do you want us to due better themes each month, or are there genres you want more or less of, do you want us to add independent films? Tell us and we’ll work on improving the site. We’ll be taking the month of July off to try to find better ways to improve the content for you amazing readers and subscribers.

Keep reading! Keep in touch!


Poll “Articles You Most Want to See”

We’ve shared a lot of different types of articles on this site. We’ve been debating which we should work on sharing¬†more. What articles do you like best? Why do you like them the most. Please comment you answers below. We want to give you the best reading experience you could ever have.

  1. Book Features
  2. Author Features
  3. Bookstore Features
  4. Interest Articles about reading in general

Second question: What genre do you want us to talk about more? Fantasy, Sci-fi, young adult over adult, what do you want to see more of?

Please comment your answers below .This will up us make this blog that much better for your personal needs.

The Magic of Cold Months

Nothing inspires us to read like a cup of our favorite hot drinks, hours of free time, and pouring rain outside. It takes us to a whole new world of fun and joy in our reading.

As these perfect reading months come up, let’s enjoy each second we can get.


I’d like to challenge us to each read our favorite independent books over this fun season coming up and then share them with each other. In the comment sections below, share what you read, why your choose to read it, and why it was the perfect books for this season. I look forward to seeing what we all share.

Donate to Help Independants

It’s hard to be a new independent. If you donate even a little bit, it can go a long way. The book “The Rising” is trying to make an audiobook and needs a few hundred to get started. Donate $20+ and you can get a free eBook copy. Donate $50+ you get a eBook copy and an digital copy. Let’s help each other out. We can keep independants going.¬†Every little bit helps!