CreateSpace for Independent Publishers

This week, I was able to get my book up and ready for sale on CreateSpace. To check it out go here. The Rising  I have looked into other publishing methods, and tested them in different ways, so today, we’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantage of CreateSpace for a independent or self-publishing author.

Here are a few pros to using CreateSpace

  • It has the best free distribution
  • It make turning your book into a kindle book easy
  • It is one of the most well respected publishing channel
  • They double check everything to make sure it meets publishing channels for FREE

Now we’ll go over cons then discuss them briefly.

  • It’s pre-order system is CONFUSING
  • Understanding what you have to do is complicated
  • You have to wait 12 hours to have your changes reviewed
  • Getting your print proof is expensive or takes a very long time (Meaning shipping is expensive)

So as I punished mine, I loved how working with distribution was easy. I didn’t have a single struggle with any of that. Though I had to pay a lot to get my proof copy here on time. It was almost two weeks with the flat shipping.

However, as I got deeper into it, it became more complicated and the answers to your questions are only found my OTHER WRITERS Amazon does not answer them. That was very annoying to me. The company should be more clear cut. That is one advantage my second publishing option Lulu has over CreateSpace. It is clear for the publisher to understand how to use the system and questions are easily answered. Not so on CreateSpace. So though it is the best overall system, you need to do a lot of outside research to get the best results.

I also really liked that they check your proof to be sure it meets their standards first by a computer, then by someone in the company. My only complaints are it takes a long time when you make a small change like, moving the spine so it’s more centered when it prints, you then have to wait, pretty much until the next day, to see if it was enough to get it centered. So though I LOVE that they do it, I wish they’d let you check it before they send it.

Now pre-ordering is really fun, and it is possible with Amazon, BUT you cannot do it with CreateSpace itself. They make you think you can, but you cannot. You have to use an Amazon Associates account. Which they don’t ever tell you and it is a simple process. However, they don’t tell you how to do it. If you’d like to see how it works I’ll be posting an “How to” on Self-Publishing for Free the day after this goes up.

So that summarizes the complaints I have, but obviously I did use it, so I think it is the best option for publishing your paperback novel. It has the best size options, best distribution, and most stores know how to use it because it is a common punishing method. So once you learn to deal with the few hiccups, on the whole, I like it. I think the system is easier to use once your warned.