Deja Vu of Love Coming Home by Carol Cadoo (Book Feature)

An amazing ElvinĀ adventure! A book full of adventure, intrigue, and an epic fantasy adventure, you wouldn’t want to miss the first installment of this wild fantasy ride. From up and coming author with a talent for the fascinating.
41lflanriel-_sx331_bo1204203200_An elf maiden named Evangeline awakens in the royal palace one morning only to discover her memories are gone. Unable to remember a thing, she takes it upon herself to relearn her personal history and understand the mysterious power of her people before she is due to marry the prince. However, she cannot hide her ignorance. Her situation soon yields the unearthing of a royal secret which puts the young elf in great danger. All signs point to Nausikaa, the human city, as her only chance of survival. On the road, she encounters a handsome dwarf, a vagabond pixie, packs of vicious goblins and a cunning dragon. She soon discovers that nothing was as it seemed. She finds that she must develop a new trust in herself as she recovers the shards of her broken past and learns where her heart truly lies.

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