Deja Vu of Love New York by Carol Cadoo (Book Feature)

The fourth installment in the Deja Vu Love series. A fun one set in a new place. A great romance to curl up with on a cold winter night!

51unkos9v1lNote from author: For a better understanding of the story line read Book One Deja Vu of Love Packing for the Journey and Book Two San Francisco and Deja Vu Love Zurich

This is Book Four of the Deja Vu of Love Series if you have not read one and two and three there is no point in reading four.
Jazz didn’t know how the whole story was going to end with Gianni Payne but as time rolled on she became more and more interested in finding out. They shared a history and a child and so the trick became how to blend their mutual interest together without it being the end of their history.
Love could easily win out but will it?

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