Deja Vu of Love Zurich by Carol Cadoo (Book Feature)

The Thrid install ment in the Deja Vu Love series. A fun one set in a new place. A great romance to curl up with on a cold winter night!

51l77v0ln-lNote from author: For a better understanding of the story line read Book One Deja Vu of Love Packing for the Journey and Book Two San Francisco
Jazz Kelly caught a glimpse of a familiar profile the man was Gianni Payne. She had followed his career since their fling in San Francisco.
Gianni went from writing bestselling blockbusters to one of Hollywoods hottest franchises.
The last time they were in the same room together he came close to ruining her life. Their love affair had been a disaster with one saving grace. Jazz knew better than to fall for him again.
But if she knew that why was her heart pounding out of her chest and butterflies chasing each other in her stomach?
There he stood they were once again in the same space of all places a lobby halfway around the world from home. He looked the same only more handsome if that was possible.
Jazz had grown up and matured since her hero worshipping days. Her company, Sierra Designs was a stellar success. It didn’t seem possible that seven years had gone by since their love affair had begun and ended so abruptly.
One thing she knew for certain she had no interest in a Deja Vu of Love.

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