Wild Sapphire by T.J. Gristwood

product_thumbnail.jpgA brand new book! A good adventure for fanasy and magic lovers.

“Book Three of The Dream Traveller Series takes Sapphire Whittaker once again on the ride of her life. Sapphire and Fox are guided to Egypt to begin the task of planting the magical seeds she has acquired to help heal Mother Earth and awaken the magic that is currently sleeping deep within her. After downloading a new strain of wild magic, so unique and rare, even her powerful father in-law is in awe, Sapphire begins to fine tune her abilities. She is on a mission to help her fellow humans wake up to the possibilities of a new world filled with magic and harmony. However, life is never that simple for Sapphire. Old adversaries and new foes are waiting in the wings to pounce, drawn by her powerful magic and the ripples she is creating across time and space. This time she is ready, ready to fight for the people she loves and complete her task no matter what challenges she must face along the way.”

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