Heroin Addiction: The Addiction Guide for the Amateur – Book Feature

Independent books have been changing the world for decades now. But it’s books like this that show you it makes a real difference in the world. “Heroin Addictions: The Addiction Guide for the Amateur. Author Christopher J. Spinney has published this simple guide to help those unfamiliar with the issues learn about it. For family members, friends, or other loved ones of those struggling with the addiction to find a simple guide to understand the issues clearly. It is going on sale at the beginning of October.

61dzzfplxkl“Heroin addiction is EVERYWHERE today. Not many people can honestly say that they have not been effected in some way by today’s HEROIN EPIDEMIC. The ins and outs of a Heroin addiction are a complicated mess. As a former addict, now an addict in active recovery, I share a certain personal insight into the realm of a Heroin addiction. I expose truths and realizations to the average layman of the how, why, and what to do with a Heroin addiction. I explain in depth what an addict faces, physically, emotionally and mentally while during active addiction. I also lay out the consequences both short and long term, as well as side effects which can be life long for both the addict and addicts loved ones.”



The book can be seen or purchased at www.amazon.com/author/christopherspinney/

The blog is: http://opiatesnomore.wordpress.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/heroinaddicttolife/


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