The Independence of Libraries

Libraries are places of magic. Every time I walk into a library, I feel my spirit lift. They are a place of possibility. A place to find independence in our reading and learning. Why? Well, to me there are three simple reasons.

  1. Endless Possibilities of Stories
  2. Endless Opportunities
  3. Endless learning

The first one is easy. If you love books and stories, you get my meaning.  Libraries have shelf upon shelf upon shelves of books. Each one has its own story, its own voice, its own message. These take us to far off places, new vistas of understanding, and opens us to points of view and understanding we could find no other way. These stories open doors for our minds we’d never find on our own. This provides a magic few other places can reach. Sure, bookstores come close. (Most of all independent ones as we’ve discussed before) But libraries open up worlds for us we could never reach unless we’re as rich as Bill Gates. This allows us to take them home for a time, learn, and start again.

Libraries offer endless, free opportunities. It’s not just the books (But that’s a huge part of it). It’s in the resources they allow. You may have wondered why we bother with offering free books to people. I mean, most of us pay taxes to run them. Why should we do that? The main reason is opens doors for those who have nothing to help them. Libraries become a center for people without jobs to look for jobs, learn, gain some training, and more depending on the funding the library in question gets to run it. I’ve seen a homeless man use the libraries free resources to get back onto his feet again. It’s amazing what these places can do to open doors for people. Poor immigrants can learn English at libraries for free to help them become an integral part of the community.

Lastly, they are endless sources of learning. Not only can immigrants learn English in libraries, everyday community members can use them to learn other languages, most in America teach Spanish, but there are other languages in some. Some libraries offer online help for language learning from Spanish to Arabic to Latin. The library is also full of free classes, books on any topic you’d want to learn about, and best of all librarians! These people have been trained in colleges for a long time to work at these places. They know how to find information in pretty much any library and any data base. They worked hard to learn how to find information to help you learn. The information you can find is really endless.

Libraries help provide endless possibilities. They are places of magic, wonder, and learning. So though why this page is all about independent books, stores, and publishing, libraries play an important part in that work. Never forget them and their powerful use.


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