Tryst at the Brighton Inn Spotlight

The Tryst at the Brighton Inn was a interesting read for me. I do like regency books and novels, but I’m not a huge fan of the down and dirty romance. This book had a bit of that, but it wasn’t so much I couldn’t still enjoy it. It’s unique, and to me a bit slow, but it may be that I just never got to sit and read through the whole thing. It’s a unique mix of genres and I think a book worth a try if you like any of these types of books.

51YSMXwqttLIt’s a decade after Napoleon’s defeat, but the war still haunts even the victors. Linked by family and by grief, divided by social class, Russian émigré Natasha and ship’s doctor Matthew have lived for years in mutual distrust. But when she’s suspected of killing a man from her past, she reaches out to Sir Matthew for help. It takes both his medical training and her intuition to solve the mystery of the murder at the Brighton Inn—and the secret of her own troubled past.






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Alicia Rasley – Alicia Rasley lives in Regency England… well, only in her imagination. She is the RITA-award winning author of seven Regency romances, along with a best-selling family saga and a contemporary mystery novel. She lives in the Midwest until she can invent a time-travel machine!


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