Product Peel: A Place to Find Your Next Book

Independent books are the best! That’s why we’re on this blog right now, right? But it’s not easy to find those books we want to read, is it? Well, today I want to share with you a new website that can help you find those new books. It’s called “Product Peel”

What It Is

Product Peel is a new review website. Its business model is all about making reviews a social venture. Amazon is FULL of people who are paid to review, post fake reviews, or the reviews just haven’t answered all the questions we have. Product Peel seeks to fix that.

It isn’t run by companies or only by people who have bought the product. It’s made by those who sign up! The advantage to us is that Product Peel is new and being used be independent authors to share their new books in a unique spot.

There aren’t a lot of books up yet, but there will be soon!

Here’s how It Works

The first thing you’ll want to do is sign up. Just go to and click ‘log in’ at the top ribbon. You can use your e-mail and a password, or connect it to your Facebook, Twitter, or Linked in account. Then that’s it! You’re in!

The next thing you’ll want to do is add me! You do that by looking up my name “R.M. Donaldson” in the search bar and my profile should come up. Then hit follow. Once I see it, I’ll follow you back. (Promise)

Then start peeling! (which means reviewing on the site. A review is a ‘peel’.) Then go to the book section and see what’s there! I’ve loved using the site and am working to get a lot of independent authors to start using it to share their work. So keep your eye out!

(Disclaimer: I am a featured peeler on this site. If you found the site through this blog, when you follow me please send me a message letting me know you found it through here. It helps me generate a following on the site.)



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