Why Independent Books?

Welcome to the Independent Books website!

I created the website after I visited a independently run bookstore and wrote a paper on it for school. I had never seen such an amazing store. It had more fun and character than any store I’d ever seen. Also the impact it had on the area around it impressed me.

I realized there is power in independent bookstore. In this new era of book publishing where independent publishing and self-publishing is on the rise, I felt there needed to be a place online to help us find these independent book store, independent publishing houses, and discuss our love of independent books, both in bookstores and in publishing.

It takes a certain gumption and spirit to keep an independent store going. The same kind of passion, energy, and power that it takes to publish independently. That kind of passion and power deserves recognition.

On this website, we display that magic and power. We write articles about the bookstores themselves, profiles on independent publishers, independent authors, and we also provide a list of them for you to check out.

So thank you for visiting. If you like what you see please subscribe to our e-mail list (Subscribe) and share this site with your family and friends. We’re just trying to promote the amazing men and women who dedicate so much to bring these independent stores and books into our lives.


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